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Our Plan

Seat 214 Online Art Gallery is a new way to buy and sell art. Using 3D virtual galleries you are able to see our artists' work as it should be seen. We want to show work in a new and exciting way, a way you can become involved in and truly become part of the work we know you will love.

Our ethos is to bring people closer to art, and we know we will achieve that with the unique way the gallery works. We are a sharing extravaganza which actively encourages you to contact and engage with our artists. If you like what you see, share it with the world! Liking individual works pushes them higher up the site, so if you like something, let the artist know by giving them a little sign of encouragement.

If you are an artist wising to show your work, or an established gallery wishing to show your artists' work in a different way, then we have a solution for you.

Combine all this with our unique 'Seat 214 Future Artist Fund' and our annual live exhibition and it really does show that we are a gallery doing it differently. Seat 214 is an online art gallery that offers you the best from the art world, including abstract, modern art, contemporary and water-colour paintings. From up-and-coming artists to more established names in the art world, we have something for everyone. Whether you are an artist, an established gallery or a collector, are you ready to be involved?


How are we different?

We bring people closer to art, we push our artists' works to a new and exciting level by developing tools that let art be seen in a never before seen environment. We also don’t charge high commissions so you can be sure that the art you purchase is not only amazing but that the artist is getting the most from your purchase to enable them to reinvest more time into exciting new works and enjoy being a full time artist.

3D Virtual Art Galleries

Would you like to show your work to the world in a real unique 3D environment? Our 3D gallery allows you to feature up to 13 works in their full high definition glory, how they should be shown, on a wall… If you have a Seat 214 profile then you can do this for free.

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Established Galleries

Are you an established gallery looking to use our 3D virtual features specially designed for galleries? We have a virtual gallery capable of showing up to 60 works in their true beauty in a wonderful environment.

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Future Artist Fund

When you make a purchase through Seat 214, a percentage of that sale will go into the ‘Seat 214 Future Artist Fund’. Artists can then apply for this money to help with a variety of costs such as starting a new project, materials needed to get a new work off the ground, or even towards hosting their very own live exhibition. Making a purchase is just the start.

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